Constantine – Interview with Brian Tyler

Due to his newest assignment Brian Tyler visited the empire of darkness once again. After the Frailty, Darkness Falls and Godsend he attacks again the nerve system of the more sensible viewers. We interviewed him in late march 2005, and our website focused mainly on the score of comic adaptation Constantine

On 12. 08. 2004. on web it was written that You are the compositor of Constantine´s film music. Who and how did search You with this project?

I met with the director and editor in the summer of 2004 and they showed me an early cut of the film. It was terrific and I told them some ideas of what I wanted to accomplish if I were to compose the score. A week later, I was brought on to score Constantine.

How did You start this composition?

I started by watching the film and coming up with ideas. The themes for John were the first to cross my mind. I wanted to convey a feeling of dread and of ancient religious beauty while at the same time acknowledging the film noir quality of the main character. 

Did the producers have any requirements regarding the style or the soft of the music, or You were free during this work?

They were very supportive throughout the process. They wanted me to bring my own style to the film.

How did You work, from the ready film or from the screenplay?

I worked from the film while it was being edited. It was not finished yet.

Also on the same web page on 2nd January 2005 it was written, that the recording of 110 minutes of music was fulfilled on Todd-AO Scoring Stage. The score had appeared at the midde of February. During this period some news come up regarding the initation of Klaus Badelt in this project. What has happened exactly?

I had finished the score but then a studio executive decided that the score was too consistently dark ad some humor was needed in the music. There were only a few weeks left until the release of the movie so we brought on Klaus and we collaborated on the new material. 

What was the reason for the initation of Badelt? Did the producers ask You about this decision, was Your opinion taken into account?

We had run out of time. And it was my opinion was that we should have Badelt. We could collaborate on composing the new material and I would have time to conduct the new music and mix it in with the rest of the score. 

My first impression was that Badelt just mixed and make same effects to the ready music. Did You have time to compose new parts together or to compare Your conceptions?

There was a modular quality to the music. It worked with what we had already done. He did bring an electronic element to the score that was not previously there. 

How many times did You meet the producers to harmonise the conceptions, to talk about the eventual changings?

I don´t remember how many times but we did meet every few days during those few weeks. 

To be honest, hearing both the musics, it has no good effect to initiate Badelt in this project. I realised that he just take parts from his former musics, there were no new ones. Did You have possibility to make a coordination on his work?

We wanted the music to feel like it was cohesive.

Did Badelt use samplers to the parts composed afterwards?


Have You ever meet Badelt before? Did You know his work, or during the common work did You listen each others music?

I had never met him. I knew his music because I have many DVDs of scores that he composed. He of course, had access to the original score of Constantine to listen to.

Finally, what was the percentage of Your music which remains in the final version?

I never did the calculation. 

What was the most beautiful moment of the born of the music?

My favorite moment was in "Resurrection" (also called "Ascension") when John is pulled away from Lucifer into heaven. 

How far depends on the composer whether his last work will be published or not, and which publishing company will issue that?

That is usually decided by the record company.

How do you see this production? I am wondering what is your oppinion about the movie and the music?

It was a memorable experience and one that I am proud of. 

To know more about Brian Tyler's work, please visit the composer's official website.




Photographs from Brian Tyler 
March 26th, 2005 

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